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I do like this channel it’s really funny and picks up my nerdy little brain howto build things. It’s a originally a Russian language but overdubbed to English by a fan.

Garage 54 english all about stupid cars like lada and what crazy things you can do to them.

This post was flagged as spam. I don’t like to spam the forum. Could the post tittle be different.

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I was one who flagged it, because you originally never gave a meaningful reason for why you posted it, and while the title/subject implies [maybe] you wanted to start a topic where others might also share their favourites, you never mentioned or encouraged it. The usual approach (if such a thing exists) based on past posts, is to start a topic with like that with an initial post explaining why the topic was created and the type of follow-on content and discussion that is expected. (For example “I thought we would start a topic where we can share our favourite youtube videos and channels about nerds and their car mods”.) With a secondary post that sets the tone, by listing the thing, but also offering some discussion about why you want to include it.

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Ok should I remove the post or keep it for some time.

Hi Honzarok,

I enjoy Garage 54 too. If you have not already seen the Mastermilo82 channel I would give it a view too as it is similar. In Dutch but the subtitles work well if you do not speak Dutch: mastermilo82

No need to remove, you’ve added the necessary context. Your title is maybe be a little general, but we’ll see what sort of follow on discussions occur.

OK. Youtube channels that other twits would enjoy…
First that comes to mind for me is the legendary Plumber from England, who is the most inspiring engineer I can imagine. He should tour schools.
If this guy doesn’t inspire your kids to … oh umm… scratch that… he made a homemade thermite launcher, wolverine blades, and uzi-powered doorbell, and holds world records for the fastest shopping cart, baby-buggy, and fairground dodgem car, most amount of fireworks launched from a bicycle and the biggest wall of death made from old shipping pallets.
If it can move he will put a jet engine on it and see how fast he can go.
He made a hover-bike, a giant pulse-jet powered arse to fart at France across the channel, and most impressive of all a cake-o-matic cake dispenser.
He also built a Star Wars AT-AT in his garden (the neighbours were not happy).

Under no circumstances should children or impressionable people be allowed to watch if you cannot trust them alone with cutlery and glue.
I have no idea why this man is still alive.

The one and only Colin Furze

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