YouTube & google on other browsers

Hello everyone
So i have this issue for a while with YouTube being slow to load on other browsers than chrome
As I don’t like using chrome
I searched here and there and the only solution I found was to change cookies to older programming in YouTube so it loads the older version of YouTube
That is not a reasonable solution
Do you have any better ideas in mind to see how can we overcome in a right way till these companies stop blocking each other
Im using Non chromium edge on 1909
And safari on mac
Thank you

Hi Kasra,

I am not experiencing any noticeable difference in load times between Chromium, Firefox, non Chrome Edge and Google Chrome. (Tested from UK on Ubuntu 18.04LTS, Windows 10 1909 and Android 9)

I wonder what is causing the issue you are having.

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It’s weird recently when i try to load YouTube page it takes like 10 seconds I tried Reset all browser and cookies and its same
Only thing it helped was chsnging to old version of YouTube
And im noticing it is taking up around 1 GB of ram when loading YouTube
Im thinking of doing a fresh install if windows getting rid of stock windows on my HP

I occasionally see YT acting crappily and giving me weird error messages, and I always assumed it was related to the blocking of tracking cookies and advertisements.