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The ranting at Windows 11 testers on old kit now being dropped makes some sense.

They were always told, they would be able to test, until the release candidate was finalised. The message means that no more updates will be forthcoming over that channel.

The insider programme is now being moved to 11.1 or whatever the next version of 11 will be called.

I am guessing, but the 11 preview on unsupported hardware will keep working, but won’t get any more updates. Users will have to wipe and go to 10 or wait for the official 11 ISO to be released and attempt a re-install from there… It is one of the reasons I didn’t try and put my Windows 10 PC on the insider preview of 11.

Now, I am seriously considering trying to put Manjaro on it…

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Great episode this week. I wonder what Windows 11 bits Insiders tested in Windows 10 last year. Windows 11 mostly seems like the UI.

  • Maybe the new CPU scheduler (e.g., make sure it doesn’t bork old CPUs)?
  • Maybe the virtualization improvements? I wonder if their crash data is actually from this time period, instead of Windows 11 shortened Insider period.
  • Maybe the Android Subystem?


@MaryJo @thurrott

Is there any news on Windows 11 on Arm? Is that also launching on October 5th? Back in June, they teased ARM64EC (“Emulation Compatible”), but I’ve not heard much since besides the Qualcomm CPUs shown as Windows 11 on Arm compatible.

And, curiously, no other Arm vendors besides Qualcomm, which is a little sad for competition. Believe it or not, somehow, Mediatek Chromebook SoCs are notably faster than Qualcomm’s Windows SoCs.


Qualcomm has their big hardware summit in a few months; hopefully, we’ll see some serious laptop Arm SoCs with Windows 11 in mind. Windows has been on Arm for much longer than macOS, but we’re still shuffling around Arm cores from mid-2018 (SQ2 & 8cx Gen2 use the Arm Cortex-A76, released in May 2018).

It’d be like the latest x86 CPUs as 8th Gen Intel or 1st Gen Zen AMD. The hardware disrespect seems asymmetrical to the excitement for Arm CPUs. :frowning: