WW 721: Verbs Don't Sell

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I was rooting for the Discord-Microsoft deal, oh well. I wonder what their thinking was, did they not want to be part of MS or was it a pure numbers decision?

Why sell it to Microsoft and lose control when you can “sell it to the public” make a profit now, keep control, and make a profit later too.

As long as the shareholders are happy with the return.

An IPO is not without risk, that pay day is not a guarantee like it would have been with MS.

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That is the problem with the stock market today. When I was in school, it was a way of getting additional capital to run your business and the people who invested expected a “decent” return on their investment, but they invested because they believed in the company - often people would invest “for life”.

Now, it is irrelevant what the company wants, it is irrelevant if they have a 20 year plan, it is irrelevant if they screw their customers over, just as long as they can get exponential growth in the next reporting period. As long as the investor can move his investment out before the pyramid collapses, he is happy.

It seems that any company that dares to think about sustainability and long term (10+ years) planning is punished, because it affects short term gains. The problem is, short term gains are usually counter-intuative to long term survivability. The real investor is gone, replaced by a money grabber who doesn’t wait around long enough to see if his investment will make a real difference.

Controlled growth and scaling the business up to make it sustainable is unsexy and won’t get investors, over extend and sell it off for a huge return, before it collapses is in. :frowning:


I liked the audience participation section, it started off with “I don’t really use Windows or listen to the show” :laughing: but worked out well.


I LOL’d at that as well!

If it’s gonna be a regular thing then they’ll definitely need more structure. I trust Leo and the gang will nail it down.

I would say just take text-based questions. That will allow users who listen later a chance to participate and give them more time to answer the questions since you won’t have to hear Hi I love the show every time.

I often do - it’s just subtly injected with the words “from the chatroom.” I kind of like hearing the voices of our community, and I’m sure once people get used to it they’ll be more likely to get to the point faster!

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I hope you’re right about them getting to the point faster. This week was a lot better than last week. The chatroom and this though are only for people who listen live. I liked the way Steve did it on Security Now where you didn’t have to be live to be able to ask a question. Just a suggestion.