WW 708: Ninja Ant in Candyland

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I was listening to the show and waiting for Ninja @ant_pruitt to make an appearance… So disappointed, misleading title, it was a computer game!! :rofl:


Ninjas are stealthy right? Perhaps he was there and we just couldn’t see him.




If you haven’t played Control you’re missing out! Major X-Files vibe to it, made by the same studio and writer that did Alan Wake. Great addition to game pass. Dunno about the others though.

As I said on Paul’s site, with regards to 10X I can actually see Notepad and a lot of other stuff that could be added just not being added in order to make a cleaner break. Maybe the concern is that further blurring the lines between 10 and 10X just puts 10X in this kind of mushy middle where it’s not as light or simple as it can be for its target audience.

What OS doesn’t come with a basic text editor? (Android and iOS maybe?) But MacOS, Windows and Linux all come with at least one basic text file editor so you have a means to edit config files an the like.


You’re not wrong, sir; but I think you’ve also inadvertently proven my point. Perhaps the target audience for 10X will not be editing config files. They can use Word to write, or OneNote, or ToDo, or Lists; or probably a handful of basic text editors in the Store. Chrome OS doesn’t have a text editor as far as I can tell. I’ve watched my daughter use her for school for over a year and she just uses Docs for any kind of text stuff.

They should just call it Edge OS.

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So let’s get this installed and keep the discussion going?
How to Run Windows 10X on Your PC (Latest Build)

On a technical and listening comfort note, MJ’s audio came in “too hot” this week. Her audio got all distorted when she got a little louder and more excited. Maybe adjust the sensibility of her mic down several notches. Thanks!