WW 707: One Telemetry at a Time

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Not sure why you need an engineer as the CEO of Intel, or even any engineering company, since you will have a CTO anyway. I know that it might help to understand what the company does but, surely, you want a boss who can speak the business stuff.
I’m not sure about normal people but I don’t tend to run my laptop on battery all that often, and even if I do, it tends to be only for a couple of hours, so is it really that big of a deal having true all day battery life?

Not that a CEO or Wall Street necessarily cares about what employees think, but inside a company it can feel different when your CEO has a background/mindset that aligns with your own. I work for a large global analytics company, and it was a palpable change when our traditional consulting-type, six sigma CEO left and we promoted someone who came up through the ranks as an analyst, then ran a team, led client relationships, regional groups and then global teams. We knew that he understood what we did, and had been through the same challenges we were facing. He had immediate credibility and trust, and was able to push for changes that might have been resisted or quietly torpedoed coming from someone else.

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