WW 689: Two Trips to Dunkin'

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I was an absolute diehard Android smartlock user back when I was using the Moto X. Motorola sold stickers that had NFC chips in them, I had one on my desk at work and home, one on my wallet, and one on my nightstand. It was such a nice feature, tap the sticker and phone unlocks. Until Google unceremoniously yanked smartlock NFC support out of Android.

We hold solemn vigil in Google’s issue tracker - https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/67187451
Some people even used implanted NFC chips with this feature.

Really enjoyed the show. Has 4K become the new standard and replaced Blu-ray ?

4K is a screen resolution (3840×2160 pixels), whilst BluRay is a storage medium for films.

BluRay can also store 4K video (it has been a thing for a few years now)

So, I’m not quite sure what your question is. 4K can’t replace BluRay, you are comparing apples to onions.

I owned a LG BluRay surround sound system which died. I have been looking for a suitable replacement but the market has been very bare or those avaliable out of my budget. Stores have been indicating when I have asked that BluRay players are no longer been produced and I was wondering what the replacement would be. (COVID could also have affected stock avaliability)

Not sure who told you this, but BluRay sets are absolutely still being produced. Internet streaming services (Netflix, Apple, etc) are probably the closest thing to a replacement, but no service I’m aware of comes close to the quality of BluRay. So if picture/sound quality is important to you, and you have the equipment to take advantage, then BluRay is the way to go. But streaming services are probably more convenient.

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I am not personally recommending any device or viewing method, but a quick look on BestBuy found a Sony player that plays 4K content:

There were plenty of other players listed as well, many of them cheaper, but they didn’t specifically say 4K.

Also, I presume the Sony PS4 Playstation can play Bluray content… but I’ve never tried.

Sony’s name comes up a lot in this area because they are one of the originators of the Bluray format.

Just a quick note, I am a truck driver in the Chicagoland area and every once and a while have to make a delivery to the Three Floyd’s Brewery. It is in MUNSTER In. The address is 9750 Indiana Parkway. It’s about a 35 - 45 min drive from Downtown Chicago