TWIT 781: Slightly Firmer Denim Soft Serve

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I’m happy to have Ashley Esqueda on the show, but I found her a little aggressively cutting off the other panelists by times.

I blame Skype.

gratuitous verbiage to meet the limit

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What Ashley said about Stadia is not true. If you buy the game (rather than get it granted to you as part of a Stadia Pro subscription) then you can ALWAYS play it. You only still need the subscription for the 4K playback, but you can play your purchased game at 1080p without a subscription.

As I said over on @ant_pruitt 's thread about Woz, the problem with Google (and by association, YouTube) is that if the AI doesn’t think there is a problem, there is no problem.

After being DoSed by Google, it turned out to be impossible to contact them and get them to take action. It was quicker, simpler and cheaper to get a new leased line with a new IP address.


Great show thought I’d leave a bit of info on the quantum network techs for anyone whose interested.

Quick version: q-bits are a calculation tool, quantum encryption is an upgrade to optical fibre, quantum entanglement could provide data transfer that is not only wireless but also electromagnetic wave-less BUT the nodes need to be kept in sync (re-entangled).

q-bits, quantum entanglement and quantum encryption are three separate techs (based on quantum phenomenon/effects). These technologies can be used with TCP/IP and the existing internet.

The main limitation of quantum encryption is distance (how to relay correct signal without reading the data). If this is solved it should function similarly (hopefully as an upgrade) to existing optical fibre. This should prevent any man in middle attacks on that part of the net.

Quantum entanglement is a differential way of transmitting entirely, this will have limits in terms of bandwidth and thermal capacity but the main issue is the entanglement has a limited lifespan which means the nodes need to be regualy re-entangled.

I have a hard time taking anything you’ve said as reliable when you can’t even spell qubit correctly.

In fact, it is generally believed to be impossible to transmit information at all via quantum entanglement.

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The problem is that it doesn’t seem to be possible for information to be sent FTL (the network needs a conventional transmission for the data to be useful). It should however be possible to use entanglement to send qubits.

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Google Translate has absolutely no idea what language you are talking in!

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Even when it does , the translations range from funny to downright dangerous.

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