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Episode number 666… ooer

@thurrott seemed to dismiss @leo’s and @MaryJo’s arguments about the Windows Store, saying that even in business, people will load apps from the Store.

Not so. Many companies ban the Store by policy. The Store either won’t load or it won’t allow apps to be downloaded (including updates for any apps already installed, which usually get removed by policy as well). Therefore it isn’t a surprise that they don’t get included in the stats.

We have around 300 Windows 10 PCs of various types, including a bunch of Surface devices, but none of them will ever show up in the AdDuplex statistics, because they cannot reach the Store.


Yes, we basically have Software Center to install approved apps, though, as a developer, I have admin access to my machine so can install from any source. The only thing I can get from the Microsoft Store is Minecraft for Education and various other education apps, but that is aimed at school users (I work for South Australia’s Department for Education). The Windows Store can certainly be customised to restrict which apps are available or even the source of the apps.

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For us, all the software is installed by the IT department, that is company policy. You can’t put anything else on the PCs or smartphones - the company phones have the default app (Outlook) installed and the user does not have access to the app store - even open source / freeware, if it isn’t approved and it hasn’t been installed by the IT department, it is a disciplinary offence.

The PCs are delivered with all of the software the user needs and that is all they get access to. If they need something new, it has to be requested, approved by the board of directors and then the IT department can look at how to install and configure it.

We (the IT department) get some leeway to install new stuff for testing, so that we can provide recommendations to the board, but even we can’t install stuff willy-nilly.

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I don’t think I’d want to rely on Grammarly even if I were a writer. My experience has been that even it makes a few mistakes from time to time; although, granted, they are few and far between.

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