Windows Explorer Hangs when opening MS Doc or Excel file

In Windows 10 When I try to open a MS Doc or Excel file from Windows Explorer, I get the hour glass and Explorer hangs. I have to bring up task manager to terminate Explorer. This use to work. I can workaround the problem by opening MS Word or Excel and then open the document from within the application. I did some searching and found others have reported the problem but none of the solutions have fixed the issue. Please help. Thank you.

I found a fix.
Repair Office:
Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Microsoft Office > Advanced Options > Modify > Repair


coming back to the forum to post the solution you found - you the real MVP!

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Also, I found the following which fixed opening DOCX and XLSX files.
Specifically Steps 1 was enough to fix the Windows Explorer hanging.

  1. Disable the Preview Pane in File Explorer:
    Open Explorer, Clock on View Tab, Click on Options, Clock on View Tab
    Remove checkmark on Show preview
  2. Toggle the Details Pane in File Explorer
  3. Disable useless Startup programs.
  4. Check installed Add-ons.
  5. Run antivirus or antimalware scan.
  6. Run SFC and DISM scan.
  7. Repair Office.
  8. Repair or Reinstall Microsoft Office.
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