Convert old Word docs

I am using Word 16.16 on my iMac and need to open a host of documents from around 1994 and following. Not sure what what version of Office I was running at that time, but I keep getting blocked and unable to open.

Is there any conversion tools out there that will help with this issue. Called Microsoft but that was useless. Was on hold for 30 minutes+ and the person I talked to was of little help.

I’ve been looking at Microsoft FLOW to convert Excel files. It looks like you can do it with Word too.

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Have you tried using Google Drive? In your Google Drive settings, check the box that says “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format”. Then drag one of the documents from your file explorer into Google Drive in your browser. Click on it to see if it will open in Google Docs. Download it to get a current Office version local copy.

Option 2: Have you tried opening it in LibreOffice, then save it back as Office format if it opens.

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