Windows 10 Pro gaming

Since my only Windows system coundn’t work the Oculus Rift because it was more of an sever everything else is MAC. So i got an $1,000 Windows 10 system coming just for it but since it’s coming with Windows 10 Pro I’m worried about gaming. I must have over $200 of games on

The version of Windows doesn’t have any impact on the ability to play games. Your only issues are enough RAM (you need at least 8G and 16G would be better IMHO) and the capabilities of the GPU (video card.) Modern GPUs are impossible to get, so the prices are very high, so I suspect the $1k of the PC doesn’t allow for a very powerful GPU? Even still, you can lower the settings on the game, and get it to run decently on most GPUs and even some iGPUs (the ones integrated into the CPU itself.)