Should I buy HP omen?

Hello everyone
So i found this deal
HP omen 15”
10th gen i7
Rtx2070 max Q
16 gb ram
1T HDD + 512 ssd


Is it bad?

These days, it’s so hard to get anything, so if it meets your needs, and you can afford it, you might be well served to get it while you can. 10th gen i7 is fairly recent, and they claim 11th gen isn’t much an improvement for desktop CPUs (I don’t know much about mobile CPUs.) 16GB of RAM is more than enough for most users. RTX2070 is last technically last generation GPU, but no one can actually get a current generation one anyway, and mobile GPUs aren’t the same class as desktop ones anyway. Nothing really seems obviously off about it… and pricing is impossible to compare these days because of difficult availability.


See if you can find it on one of the many review sites online, like . You’ll get an in-depth assessment on what people like and dislike about it. See if what people dislike matters to you. It will probably not be all good but also not all bad.

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I agree with all of PHolder’s points

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