AMD Win 10 Laptops

Any ideas on what is a good AMD windows 10 laptop to buy?

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The new Dell Latitude with AMD 5000 series processors are supposed to be good, Asus have also announced a Rog that will use the new processors. But you need to use an even numbered processor, the odd numbered processors are still Zen 2, not Zen 3.

AFAIK, no one has actually released anything yet, it was all pre-announcements at CES. Most of those currently available use the 4000 series, which are still good, but the 5000 series is a step forward.

I have the Surface Laptop 3 w/ the Ryzen 7. If you like 15" laptops, this is a great machine for a Windows box. I’m a big fan of it, no problems in my development work. It has integrated graphics but they are not spectacular. However, the built in keyboard and track pad are amazing.

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Are HP laptops any good these days? There envy range have amd processors.

Yes, one of the better brands today.

These days, I’d go with Dell or Lenovo for work and Dell or HP for a private device (listed alphabetically, not necessarily preference). Asus are also good and Acer have some good premium devices too.

Thank you. I’ll have a look around.

I’ve been a Mac user for so long it’s hard to pick a windows laptop.

What are you looking to do with the laptop? It’s simple on the Mac side since it’s kinda “their way or the highway” but on the Windows side you can get more specific hardware based on what you want to accomplish.

Yeah that’s true with apple.

Well I’m in the process of studying IT courses at my local training provider. We’re learning the active directory and networking etc.

Otherwise it’s just the usual really. I sometimes do a bit of web development too.