Which TWiT store is right?

Is teespring.com/stores/twit still valid/run by TWiT?
I see that twit.tv/store now leads to shop.spreadshirt.com/twitstore but I like the plain logo shirt I see on teepring.
I noticed that spreadshirt also has shop.spreadshirt.com/twit but I don’t want someone else to profit from TWiT IP.

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I believe spreadshirt is the current merchandise store. There was recently a vendor change.

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We haven’t pushed people to Teespring in a long time - but if it still works go ahead and use it. They still pay us for whatever you buy.

Honestly it’s not about the money, it’s about giving fans what they want. So if that’s what you want, buy it!! We love you wearing our logo!


Yes, Teespring is valid and run by us. It integrates with YouTube so we kept it for this purpose only. Our main store is on Spreadshirt. As Leo said, if you like what you see there, buy what you want.