Where/How to rent a Mach-e in Miami

Hello fellow techie’s,

I’m planning to visit Miami, Florida and the Keys in January and I’ll need to rent a vehicle. I’d really like to rent a Mustang Mach-e. I searched the internet and rental companies but only found Tesla’s or air bnb like services which I’d not want to do most of all with an EV.

Any thoughts?

I have no experience with Turo, but they advertise plenty, so they’re clearly hungry for business, and they’re more likely to have the search features you need. (They will let you narrow it down to the Mach-E easily, or just EVs or whatever.) If you search for “Miami fine car rental” you’ll find you get really expensive cars, because Miami… but none of those seem to offer anything as mundane as a Mach-E. The regular rental companies make more money buying commodity cars at commodity prices, loading them up with the first 10,000 miles and then selling them used at nearly what they paid for them, so they’re not going to be interested it expensive EVs, in general… at least not yet.

What are you reservations about these services? Like @PHolder said, for specialty vehicles like that Turo etc will probably be your best bet. I borrowed a Porsche a few years back through Turo and I had no problems. Just make sure the owner has good reviews and you should have a good experience.