Where are the Bricks?

Yo Leo what happened to my brick? N0PQW

I think on one Tech Guy episode, someone asked… If I remember right, he said they could only save a few when they moved.

(I assume you are talking about the bricks in their old building)

Unfortunately when the bricks were mounted at the old studio, they used real mortar. On drywall. When we tried to remove them for the move, the drywall came up with the bricks in very unsightly chunks. We investigated having someone removing the drywall but the cost was prohibitive and many of the bricks, which were very thin, would have broken in the process. We opted to save what we could (about 100) and store the rest.

I’m sorry that they’re not mounted in the new studio. But I really appreciate your contribution, both to the Brickhouse and to our new Eastside studio. Almost everything else from the Brickhouse came with us. Your contributions built the Brickhouse and continue to keep the Eastside studio running. Thank you!