What's the purpose of the weekly Photo Thread

Hello All;

I’m not being negative, but I’m curious why the forum has The Photo Thread ? Is it really for photo sharing and feedback? There are already MANY sites for that, and The Tech Guy even has a Flickr group.

Again, not saying the weekly Photo Thread is a bad thing, but I’m just not sure it’s needed here…just my $0.02

It’s for members of this community who enjoy photography, and probably whom are also enjoying the two new photography podcasts, to show off their photos and get some feedback.


It’s for sharing photos and commenting on photos in the TWiT community. The Tech Guy Flickr group is a different community and not there some there who would not be interested in the TWiT community. I, for one am not really interested in using the Flickr group.

The photo threads here also complement the two photography shows on TWiT.


It is fun. If it stops being fun it will go away.


Well, people here like to show their pics, and maybe help others or answer questions.

If you get too far into “what is the point of,” then you could ask why even have the forum?

Why not have the photo threads?