What will you do when all of this craziness is over?

  • Go out into the pubic and take pictures (lots of pictures)
  • Go to your favorite tech store and buy a new piece of hardware
  • Lick a handrail
  • Stay in and watch Netflix
  • Take a trip to your favorite vacation spot
  • Go to your favorite eating/drinking establishment
  • Hug everyone you see.

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I really want to go out to eat with my girlfriend after this is all over…

Even with pickup or delivery - at the moment, I don’t really want to eat anything made by someone else.


I didn’t vote because I’m afraid I am not that optimistic. If this lasts as long as it looks like it could, I’m afraid the underbelly of weakness of our society will be exposed and things after will look so different that we could well not recognize it as what we had before.

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C’mon. It’s not the end of civilization. Yes, its bad. Unless you are in a few US cities, its still not as bad as the news media makes it out to be. No, I don’t want to get sick, though. BUt this will pass… It may become a seasonal thing, we’ll see.


I am really hoping that some MLB baseball will be played this year. Summertime traditions I dont want to pass up.


None of the above in the poll list. I’m an introvert and always will be. I’ll keep living the same way I always do. If the Covid critter doesn’t get me first. I’ll keep both my ( non-monetized ) YouTube channels up, and keep the restoration on my Motor Home going.

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The joke here which will come first 1 the virus ending or 2 all the snow melting and bass and pike season starting. still looking at 3 feet of snow on the ground


I heard today that they are going to try to do 100 games based on current data!!

“Missing options” :

  • Visit my mom and take a stroll together
  • Visit my in laws, share a meal and laughs
  • Take another “epic” (for me) bike ride in the “mountains” (for my region)

I too will visit my mom. She llives in assited living and have been locked down.


I will probably fly to the UK and spend a month there visiting friends and family. I was planning on doing that this year, but with the coronavirus and Brexit turmoil I think I’ll give it a miss.


Just binged that Tiger King doc on Netflix. Totally going to the city zoo to check out some big cats. Then vacation for a few weeks.

That is what I was telling someone today. I don’t think this will completely go away. I think we will get vaccines and we will have some sort of medicine that will help to bring the death rate to around the flu and it will be a thing every year.

No, this isn’t going to go away, but there will be developments to make it far less serious. Before penicillin, death from infections was a big thing for example.

Hopefully after this is over and we move on that the US will keep hospitals and the health care system beefed up. I don’t get how we are short on ventilators and some never have any without a pandemic.

I don’t think any countries have enough ventilators currently. We are living in exceptional times and the stresses on health systems are greater than they have been in living history. Economically, having many ventilators on stand by would be prohibitively expensive on maintenance. Better to have resources to create new ventilators when needed. The ramp up has taken a lot of health systems by surprise, and it has been a scramble to produce more ventilators to meet demand.

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I’ll elaborate on my thinking for what I said earlier. Let’s assume the vaccine takes 24 months total to “approve” and so arrives for the start of 2022. In the mean time, it is still a risk to everyone not previously exposed. Right now we’re isolating to flatten the curve, but what that really means to me is “let’s infect everyone in waves of say 5% so that over 20 months everyone gets it and we have herd immunity.” The alternative is we all stay cowering indoors for 20 more months… and a lot of businesses fail in the process. With everyone losing their job, the government supports society to keep it from totally collapsing, and capitalism fails in favour of socialism (or communism or…) The US has a big election coming in 9 months… will people trust the results if they are unable to vote in person?

It is the ECONOMY that may never recover. Here in Australia the Government has just decreed it will pay the employer of all people who have been stood down because of the virus (or who are in line to be stood down) $1500-00 per FORTNIGHT to be passed on to the employee, provided the employer does not dismiss the employee. This only applies to businesses which have seen a 30% or more drop in their income over the past three months. Their estimate is that the payment (fortnightly) will go to 6 million workers.

I guess there may be some companies that will “cook the books” to help alleviate their current payroll costs, but it is a bold move by the government.

The problem is, of course, that once the virus is overcome, it will take YEARS AND YEARS to recoup the lost capital the Government worked so hard to accumulate over the past 9 years (our first .surplus in 20 years).

I am 70 years old now, and my Superannuation and investments in shares have dropped about 50%.
All will be well if the market eventually recovers, but it may take 10 years, in which case I will be 80 and too old to really enjoy the rest of my life. Very depressing!
Thank goodness I have computer programming (and TWIT TV) to take my mind off things. :slight_smile:

Companies only have to declare that their business is down at this stage, but will come out at tax time. This is a step towards universal wage. I believe it is tax free to the companies, but I expect that when it becomes a part of an employee’s income that will become taxable so the government will get some of it back. It will take a long time to recoup, if at all, but letting so many business go to the wall would probably worse.

Yes, all will be well in the long run but as John Maynard Keynes said “In the long run we are all dead”. I am one of the pessimists. Very few countries (South Korea, Germany) took proper precautions in good time. It will be months before we can gradually return to something close to normal, a year or more before we have a vaccine, and several years before the global economy recovers. I’ll keep more vehement political opinions quiet (but I’ll share them with Jeff Jarvis happily).