What’s the best theme for photography at Wordpress.com?

Hi. Trying to setup a wordpress.com site for a photography portfolio Any recommendations on a theme? ( free-of-course :slight_smile: )


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i recommend the theme called Cubic.

My wp.com site uses that theme and i use the site as a photoblog of sorts.


Awesome. Thank you very much!

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Does Cubic support Raw images or just jpegs?

I am uncertain about raw but jpeg,gif and even png is supported

I would recommend against uploading your raw images directly to wordpress. RAW is great the “digital-master” images you keep on your computer but terrible for publishing. RAW images are big and wont display correctly in a browser. Use JPEGs.


agreed. And try to keep them under 200KB in size when uploading. Your viewers will thank you.

You might be able to get away with full resolution images that are many megabytes large. Normally this is a bad thing, but well optimized Wordpress themes will create smaller versions of the image for various screen sizes.

This gives you the benefit of quick loading images when browsing through your site but still allows users to view the images in the best possible quality when appropriate.

Still don’t upload RAW though. Stick to JPEG.

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A few years ago, I’ve purchased a set of WordPress themes from Imagely. https://www.imagely.com They are all photography based and they added new features for print fulfillment.


unless @MillhhAus gets the Business Plan, he won’t be able to use Imagely.