What if Google STOPPED Making the Pixel Smartphone?

I personally would be done with Android and would go over to IOS…

If they keep getting bad reviews…this can happen!

If they create a gap, someone else will fill it. If no one does, it was never a viable business to begin with.

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One of the greatest things about Android is that it’s device-agnostic. There’s a vibrant marketplace of handset manufacturers out there, many who produce an arguably better product than the Pixel line. I’d check out the device landscape before taking such a drastic measure as jumping ship from an entire ecosystem.

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Not for me… if it’s not from Google than it’s not pure Android …all other manufacturers have a software layer over Android… That’s not for me sorry…

I don’t know if this is entirely true. What about Android One devices? I think Nokia makes some pretty nice ones.

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I would be sad. Some Android phones are supposed to be going to the same update model, but still it wouldn’t be a Pixel, just not the same. After years of owning dozens of Android phones, enjoying the flexibility and back in the day loading my own ROMs, no way could I go to iOS though.

Those are great for what they are - budget devices. The Pixel gives you an Android One software experience with premium hardware.

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I guess that’s true however he did not say anything about premium hardware, just the Android experience.

That said yes the camera is best on the market and the Soli radar is new hardware however nothing else is really “premium”. Processor upgrades have been minimal, and the overall experience on a smartphone is generally the same whether you pay $1000 or $500. Manufacturers, in my opinion, are increasingly losing their justification to charge $1000 per device. If the Android experience is what you value and Pixels are no longer being manufactured, my next choice would be an Android 1 device.