WebCam Recommendation

Looking for a good webcam. The recommendations I’ve found almost universally name the Logitech C920 as the one to get. Unfortunately, it’s sold out everywhere unless I want to sell a kidney.

I see tons of alt-name brands on Amazon that I’ve never heard of before, and wondered if any of them were good or not.

I’m not sure what makes a good webcam, as I’ve never shopped for or owned one. The one camera I do own, is the Intel RealSense camera that I bought for using with Windows Hello. As near as I can tell it works fine as a camera, it has no mic… does a webcam include one? Anyway, I mention it not because it’s the best camera possible, but because it may be possible to actually acquire one:
EDIT: It appears they no longer include a monitor clip with them (mine came with one) so you’d need to sort that out, one option is:

I don’t presume this one is purchasable either:

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Logitechs are probably OK. The issue is availability…

Logitechs here as well, when we can get them. We looked at the cheap Chinese models, but they are of unknown quality and the firmware is also unknown. We decided to wait until “quality” webcams become available again.

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An alternative presented by Leo as well is to use your phone as a webcam. There is software that can be used for both android and iPhone and the phone camera is probably a lot better than whatever you can buy in a webcam.

I’ve tried iVCam on iPhone - works well, but free version has iVCam stamp on the screen. I used it as a second source in OBS. Worked great, but I was just playing :slight_smile:

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Yeah I realise that this might not be an option for many people. Especially in a corporate setup but for people who need a webcam and can’t find anything decent because everything is sold out it might be a solution.

Personally I use the cameras of my laptops they are not great but I am not in the broadcasting business anyway so I do not need had video quality. Audio and screen sharing is more important for me.

No attachment of non-company devices to company equipment, so no using the smartphones here, unfortunately. And a majority of our Teams users are on desktops, not laptops… So they are having to make do with audio only at the moment.

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Yeah I expect people working in a corporate setup will not have this as an option.