Elgato Facecam?

Has anyone tried the Elgato Facecam? They are sold out, but I am considering purchasing it vs my current (iPhone + Camo) setup since the Elgato facecam may be less tinkering for me. For $200, it seems like it is worth a try. Any thoughts or ideas?

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If they’re sold out, perhaps the Logitech Brio isn’t (it wasn’t for me, in Canada, when I purchased one a couple of months ago.) I don’t know if there is anything special about the Corsair one (Elgato is a Corsair company) but I certainly know that Logitech has a history in the business of webcams.


Just following up. I did purchase the Elgato and so far so good. Simple and easy so it is a win for me. I do expect the industry to launch a bunch of home video products so I am expecting this to be a 18 month solution for me.