Webcam for room with window in background

Any suggestions for a not too expensive webcam for my home office. I have a big window (with a sheer curtain) right behind me, so most cams have me totally dark. I would be using a Mac.



Either put some opaque curtains or use a front light source to illuminate yourself. A cheap LED light panel mounted on a tripod would suffice.


I’m afraid this is a physics problem and not a technology one. As @Pommster implied, you need a physical solution. (One other such suggestion being: reorient your desk.)


Reorienting the desk is an obvious solution, but it looks like that would be a major task from the photo.


Just repeating what’s already been said, it’s very unlikely that you’d be able to find a webcam that could show your face properly with such strong lighting from behind. Adding a fill-in light in front of you is the best solution (and maybe partly closing the curtains when on cam).

If you watch the video feed of a TWiT show with a guest or host wearing glasses, you can usually spot the reflection of an extra light source from time to time.


The community has spoken. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
They’re all correct. I have a similar setup. Could switch it, but I refuse to have my back to the other door in my office. Having additional light to combat the rear window helps. Also, I have a opaque couple cloths I hang if really needed.


Thanks everyone! Just like Ant, I don’t want my back to the door. I think I will look at an LED strip maybe to put up.


I did clean up. . .eventually

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Maybe get a cheap projector screen and put it behind you. Or, hang up a blanket behind you (the screen would look better)