Web Index to automobile model dates

Is there a web site that has an index to automobile models and the dates sold. Not sure how to say this. Looking for a place to determine the year a photo of a car. Not a place to buy old cars. The only sites I see are random images of old cars. There is logo index but no way to look at an image of an automobile and determine the year the car was made.

Can you at least determine the make of the car. I suspect that each maker may have their own “car museum” either of their own creation or by 3rd party car aficionados.

Ferrari has a nice one.
Google- american auto models and dates sold
returns a bunch of interesting data such as Wikipedia and Goodcarbadcar.net

No This is an issue that comes up for many old family photos. I grew up with 3 brothers who would look at a photo and ID the automobile. I have a book with logo IDs. Thought there might be site with image and index to old automobiles.

Well, if it’s an older photo, it’s most likely one of the three North American major manufacturers. Imports weren’t that common until after the 70’s I’d say. Accordingly if it’s an old photo from the 70’s or before it’s probably either a Ford, Chevy or Chrysler (Big Three (automobile manufacturers) - Wikipedia Automotive industry in the United States - Wikipedia )

Not sure if this site will be helpful or not, but it has cars in decades: Cars in the 1950s: History, Pictures, Facts & More

We know that but we are trying to estimate the date of a photo. We need to look at many items in that photo. I have found the date of models because I grew up around automobiles. As we move thru the years, that knowledge is disappearing. My hope is an encyclopedia of automobile web site. I knew people who would look at an image of an auto and know that trim is from from a certain year. We can research but our search is at best haphazard. Maybe an automobile wiki?

Thanks for the links. The 1950s are I am most familiar with. We would say that GM had several brands. We used to think of Buick with side “port holes” Pontiac had a type of chrome strip down the middle of the hood. Remember ads for “Wide Track Pontiac”. Mazdas hummmm. Is there not a site where you can start with an image and determine at least generally when it was made? With all the AI around thought that would help.
If there is not a general site maybe there should be.When I Google words or an image all I see is how to buy old cars. Takes a long time to find what I am looking for. Thanks so much for your links Looks like no such general sites exists.

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Try asking Sam Abuelsamid


Good Thought! See many sites for motor development and technology, Also for individual companies. For many different catagories, but images are never general.

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Or just post it here (blur faces if you want)! Pretty confident myself or the collective crowd could ID them pretty well.

A general site will probably be tough to find because sourcing photographs for different models would be difficult without spending some cash for rights to said photos.

Not my photo so don’t want to share it here. I have had other photos that I research and end up with a possibility. Sharing data on a public forum is not something I understand.