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I wonder whether any of you have any experience building web apps with one of the several creation tools out there that allow for less or hardly any coding expertise. I am working toward creating a web app that will consist of several different functional modules which can be added piece by piece and support different views on the same data for different categories of stakeholders (users, supervisors, groups, institutions, externals). Each group shall have access to a different set of modules, some modules will be shared.

I’ve been looking at bubble.io , wappler.io , softr.io - seems like any “legit” offer will end on io.

Do any of you have experience with any of these services / recommendations on how to proceed? Thanks a bunch for any leads!

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Building it yourself should be the last resort, not the first plan. Make sure there isn’t something existing that could meet your needs first. Building and supporting software is far more expensive than you ever plan for it to be… it’s frequently better to pay someone else to support something in your use case. I’ll remind you of the one time TWiT advertiser Capterra.

If you do intend to build it, or have it built, then I would spend a lot of time designing it. You can probably master enough basic HTML to draw non-functional pictures/prototypes of the pages you will need. This will help you sort out your needs up front, and if you need to engage someone to design it for you, they will start from your initial screen designs to work with you to figure out a good plan.

User stories, from Agile development, may also help you flesh out your requirements: https://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/agile/user-stories


First of all: thank you for your thoughts!

Fully understand. Especially at the beginning, however, I am wondering if building a minimum viable product is not also possible by clicking it together. As a proof of concept, so to say. Working with external expertise is the thing that might overstretch my budget before I may secure funding which is greatly helped by having something as a demo.

Good point. Will check that!

Another wise thought - expenses can also be held in check by good planning and briefing. Just like the pointer to agile. It’s interesting how you sometimes know these things but need reminding from a kind soul to put you gears in motion.