TWIET 508: The Death of DevOps

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The company I work for is implementing our own hosted OutSystems “factory” and is beginning to tackle replacing a bunch of legacy (really ancient) business apps and end-user developed solutions (e.g., Microsoft Access) .

I’ve taken a few weeks of training on it so far, and it seems pretty interesting. It creates React web apps as output, so there is a lot of Javascript and CSS tweaking that can be done in addition to the RAD development environment to create some nice applications. You can get pretty deep into creating web and mobile native apps, but we’ll probably try to stick with React web apps that will work on mobile screen sizes as well, just to keep the complexity down.

It is pretty interesting how their “factory” handles the publishing of apps to multiple environments (dev, test, prod). We’ll see how it all works out in practice once we get rolling.

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