Vizio TV turns on by itself

Hello everyone: first post, don’t know if this is in the correct area…

Last month I bought a Vizio 55" model M557-GO smart TV. It occasionally powers on by itself. I’ve done the two recommendations I could find, but neither has helped. (I changed the batteries in the remote, and I set the TV to “Eco” mode).




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Possibly a neighbor with a Vizio TV remote that is triggering yours. Easy way to test is to cover the IR sensor on the TV with tape and see if it stops.


If you have any set top boxes, fire sticks etc then they can turn the TV on if they reboot / update themselves. Turning off hdmi-CEC might might stop that but you would lose the benefit of being able to turn on the TV with the STB remote.


My PVR cable box remote can occasionally turn on my Dyson Fan/Heater. There are only so many unique IR codes, so it could be a collision with some other IR device in your household.


Thank you for your thoughts.

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Thanks for your reply. I’ll try turning off hdmi-CEC.

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Thank you for your reply.

I hope this is not it however I used to have an LG tv that randomly would power itself off. I called LG and they sent a tech out and it turned out that they had to replace the main board and the power supply board.

Edit: I thought the original post said the TV turned off not on. Sorry. Misread that.


Some other HDMI-connected device over CEC is a likely suspect, as others mentioned. CEC can be a hot mess, with different companies’ devices.

Also, many Vizio devices create a wifi network – VizioSmartCast" or similar – to allow you to stream content to the device. Is it possible someone’s trying to connect to this network? These networks are impossible to disable – at least on soundbars.

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