VirtualBox / Android VM / Bluetooth

Hey all, I’m trying to get 2 apps (Harmony and Roomba) working on my Android VM, The host is Windows 10 and the guest is android-x86_64-9.0-rc2

I’m extremely new to both Bluetooth and Android but after some searching haven’t found the answer. Does anyone know of any troubleshooting steps? I’m disabled and have no real need for an android device, although if there’s an inexpensive one that’s fine. All I really need to do with it is install a few apps that don’t have Windows versions. I don’t need anything like a camera or good specs at all.

Bluetooth is frequently used by apps for things to “prove” that your phone is in the same “location” as the device, because Bluetooth has a range of about 100 feet. Do you have a Bluetooth device (dongle maybe) on the VM host? I’ve never tried it with a virtual machine, but there is no hope of it working at all if you don’t have the hardware to support the protocol.

As for a cheap phone. There are some, I believe, but I will leave that to others with more experience to recommend. I will note, however, that you could get a really cheap used one if you don’t need it to work as a phone at all. One with a virtually failed battery might still work fine on WiFi if it stays plugged into the wall at all times.

Also, if you want new, this may help:

This may help