Video production

Hi everyone! After watching a lot of iOS Today, I decided to create a cartoon on my iPad with my niece, nephews, and two dogs. We used an iPad, iPhone, LumaFusion, Procreate, and Garage Band. I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: any feedback/suggestions would be great! We hope to make a couple of these a month.


I am impressed. Fun and very creative. :slight_smile:

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ok that was adorable

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That is freaking awesome! Mind if we play some of it on iOS Today @GrandmaChaz? I bet you have a blast doing that with the niece and nephews!

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@Leo I am very honored by you even watching the video let alone praising it and offering to show some on my favorite podcast! Wow!!! Yes, please!!! My niece and nephew will be absolutely BLOWN AWAY.

That was very cute, love the dogs and the cat ship.