Using MacOS in live production environments

Who’s using MacOS machines in live entertainment/production environments like concerts, meetings, trade shows, etc. ?

Is anyone using them to control lighting or audio consoles or output video to projectors, LED walls or other displays?

I’m still a Mac fan, but at this point it’s mostly because I lack the same skills and familiarity with windows. With each new OS release it becomes more and more frustrating to get the machine setup for what I need to do. The simple fact that I can’t easily view what an external displays output resolution is without holding down an option key or the intense security controls that limit an apps access to the microphone and attached cameras can really drive me nuts.

I have for small productions to control Blackmagic video switchers and live stream encoding. Won’t say that Macs are perfect, but will say that Windows has it’s own set of headaches to deal with in a production setting. Regretted getting cheap laptops for one gig… nothing like a random Windows update install or some bloatware notification during an event to give you a big headache.

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