Useless Question of the day - 10-21-19 - What Antivirus?

What antivirus software is everyone using for Windows? Windows Defender? Norton? Something else?

I just use the built-in Defender. Haven’t used anything else for years.

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I only use my work machines only so it’s Crowdstrike for both my Windows and Mac laptops. On home computers for the kiddos (Windows) it is Defender only and of course ensuring non of their accounts have any admin rights :slight_smile:

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I just use the built in defender.

windows laptop defender. all my other systems none (linux)

Just Defender and some common sense.

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On my private machines, just Windows Defender. At work we use the Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

I’ve just been using the built in version and strict of what and where I do online. I stopped using a 3rd party AV years ago on Windows. Now with Win 10 you really don’t need a 3rd party AV anymore. Keeping the OS and your browser up to date is what you should be focusing on instead of a AV.

I uses Nod 32, Windows Defender and SuperAntispyware…

I just use Windows Defender and the occasional time I need to use a “throwaway” VM and a liberal dose of “is this really as sketch as it looks?”

I really wish I could not use McAfee Endpoint Security on my work machine…

No AV. Backup with SuperDuper to have offline bootable system standing by. Air gap from network if feeling adventurous. No infections in at least 15 years, or at least none I knew about.

I had a nasty infection 8 years ago, not sure what virus it was or what it wanted but I had to re install my system…

Windows Defender , Malewarebytes, on my PC’s. Malewarebytes on my Macs. Nothing yet on my Linux yet. If someone with the know how want’s to get you, they will find a way to do so. Keep everything important Backed up. Rebuild as best you can.