Best anti malware alternative to malwarebytes?

So as of late, i’ve been told to stop using malwarebytes on fixing pc’s as it has bloatware. What are alternatives that you all can recommend ? I have a few pc’s that have crawled to a slow and another one has a mcafee pop up and does not have anything fro mcaffee installed.

The problem with trying to use “band-aid” software after the fact is that it rarely finds/gets everything and so you only make some sort of temporary “fix” but it may also mistakenly remove something it should not and thus make the whole system less stable in the long term.

Accordingly, If the PC is not working right and it’s suspected to be malware, I would suggest the best alternative is backup the data (only) and then nuke it from orbit and install fresh. On Windows PCs there is the System Reset option which would be useful to try before a full wipe/reinstall.

1 Like is good site to find that kind of info. That mac affee thing sounds like an add. See I see them as adds because my isp what’s be to use them even though i don’t like them. Just like may land lord makes me use internet form an company I didn’t like.

Once you do clean the system up, try getting a Raspberry Pi, install Pi-Hole on it and set up your network to use it as your DNS. Most malware comes from ad networks or hijacked web sites, so nip it in the bud and stop the source.

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