Upload slower / ping higher when connected via Ethernet

Something is odd with my ISP, Cloudflare’s speed test tells me I have 12 Mbps, but any other speed test will report at least 80. If Steam has a speed test, I can get 300Mpbs

I use NetWorx (the free version) to have a graph I can look at to see my speeds, and only when Steam is downloading something do I see a speed higher than 150.

I have to limit Steam’s maximum bandwidth on my PCs or else it will literally use ALL my bandwidth and there will be none left for something as simple was bringing up a web site. I guess that must mean I am pretty close (network hop wise) to one of their datacentres or their CDN or maybe my ISP has a SteamCache box.

Glad the Orbi fixed it. Shame we don’t know what was wrong with the TP-Link though :thinking:

At my parent’s farm this morning. This is good speeds for them! Noticed on the drive here there is now fibre strung along the old phone lines, so fingers crossed there should be a jump to FTTP some time soon. I think COVID and WFH has kick-started the rollout. It was impossible to WFH or use telehealth in this area.


Speaking of Orbi, I posted this earlier this week, from the Steve Gibson school of what could possibly go wrong?

Orbi users should get a patching.