Upgrade to Big Sur on 2018 MB Pro an Unexpected Breeze

This is me geeking out.

After the incompatibility issues I’ve had (and still have) with Adobe CC on the M1 MacBook Pro I (regrettably) ordered, I was very hesitant to update my Intel-based MBP production machine from 2018 to Big Sur. But I waited for a couple updates and pulled the trigger.

It was the most painless update I’ve ever made. I was sweating it out, but it took less than 45 minutes (give or take) and there hasn’t been 1 glitch. I’m not crazy about some of the Big Sur design choices (like small and tall save warnings, etc.), but it works.

A lot of people don’t understand when I tell them that I don’t have any of the issues they have on PCs. My wife has issues (literally) every day related to her Windows 10 Dell laptop. Most days it’s not being able to print to the wireless printer and wifi connections (no matter where she is). But it gets worse when it comes to everything else from updates to documents not saving. The list goes on. And to think…I used to be a PC geek boy.

Since I bought my first MacBook Air in August of 2014, I was sold. It was the type of experience I had never had before but definitely left me asking why I never tried to switch before. The excuse was always PCs were “what my business clients used.”

(Knocking on wood as I type this) Since switching to (Intel) Mac, I have not had 1 issue. Not one bad update, crash or anything else. I’ve never had a problem printing to printers no matter where I am - even when there are no drivers for that printer installed. It has been an amazing experience.

The only issue is the M1 now. It is definitely not ready for Prime Time. You might be able to browse and get your email faster than ever before. But for my advertising agency, it’s like bringing on someone who doesn’t know the craft and hoping they’ll get up to speed. Adobe has had months to get ready for M1, and the are no where close to being there. Their betas are full of bugs and lacking features. And I’ve had some crashes and weird errors on emulated CC apps. It just can’t become my driver. But I’m going to keep my little “M1 that could” and keep testing. However, I’m not going to invest in any of what I’d hoped would be my dream machine - the upcoming M1X 16" MacBook- until all the bugs are squashed. It’s going to be awhile.

What has your experience been like with Big Sur and/or M1?


I have Big Sur running on my 2018 MBPro, 2018 MBAir, and even my old MBAir 11". My M1 MBAir runs great and I have no compatibility issues with any software I use (I don’t use anything from Adobe!!!) MS Office runs great, all of the Apple Apps I use run great (of course), Affinity Photo screams, all in all a GREAT experience

Yeah, I was seriously thinking about looking at Adobe alternatives, although that’s tough in my business. Office does run great on M1. I’m so deep into Premiere, I really don’t want to jump to Final Cut for video editing at this point. I’ve downloaded and tried out DaVinci Resolve. I’m going to keep playing around and who knows? I might have to change my workflow. That M1 MacBook Air is dream machine. If I didn’t have such a heavy graphics work load, that would be my choice, too. It’s where this fanboy got his start!

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