MBW 739: Three More Things

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Big Sur? You guys soent 2 1/2 hours talking about the new hardware while completely ignoring Big Sur which will be released on Thursday!

For ALL the Mac users who already own hardware, we’re sitting here wanting to know if Big Sur is ready for the rest of us. Will the huge OS changes work on our current Macs? What are the 'gotchas" lurking in the update? After the horrendous experience many of us endured going to Catalina, what do we need to be wary of with Big Sur? Should we wait for .1 or .2? We depend on you guys for this and i was shocked that Big Sur was not a topic in this episode.

I suspect they are also waiting for Big Sur’s release so they can review it


Yeah, I suspect that will be the bulk of next week’s show; they’ll have had a few days to use the OS.


Big Sur developer and beta copies have been out since WWDC. John Voorhees is publishing a comprehensive review of the operating system on MacStories tomorrow. This is complementary to Federico Viticci’s review of iOS and iPadOS. There will certainly be some surprises, but that should be a good starting place.

I believe Leo mentioned Big Sur and said that if you don’t need to update, don’t. He said stick with your current OS until .1 release.

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Leo’s recommendation from Hands on Mac was not to install Big Sur until 11.0.2…He reasoned 11.0 Will be bug laden. Until it’s released upon the masses they won’t really know the show stoppers. 11.0.1 will come out as an update with a bunch of fixes and patches for all the issues from 11.0. These “Fixes” Will also create new issues that will be patched on 11.0.2. This would be the update that you’d actually want to install if you are wanting to run it on your daily driver machine. Of course if you have a spare Mac or or just tinkering around and have the knowledge to fix it if it goes horribly wrong go ahead and download the update. But don’t forget to back up. Best of luck!

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It was so nice to hear Leo & team have some real excitement for new Apple hardware. I first learned of TWiT back in 2007 when the iPhone was brand new & the MBW crew was just giddy over it. Those were fun times. Hopefully Apple will keep the good stuff coming & MBW can stay positive.


You bemoan JetBrains software because of it being Java. Just thought I would mention to you that in my experience with the developer kit, Java applications, running under an X86 JVM (not even a native one) (a) run perfectly and (b) run faster than on my Intel MBP. Even more impressive? They hang with (and sometimes beat) my 12 core, 64GB Linux server!

So … Rosemary… no worries as you will be running on real production release hardware which would presumedly run even better than my early access developer kit.

Running Big Sur right now on my 2018 MBPro and 2018 MB Air - love the updates to the interface