Two separate audio streams on iOS

Hey all,
I am pretty sure what I am looking to do is not capable but figured I would put this out to you guys.

I Uber on weekends. I drive a Mach-e. I use a iPhone 12 Pro Max.

What I would like to do is have Spotify/other streaming services play on carplay for my riders. At the same time I would like the Uber driver app to send that audio to my AirPods.

Riders don’t need to hear the directions, is my theory in this.

My current workaround is use my 12 pro max for Uber driver, take my little iPhone 12 (there is no cellular service on this phone) hotspot it to my 12 pro max, plug it in via usb to the CarPlay.

I use the standard iPhone 12 for all my music needs.

It is a pain to deal with both phones as every so often the 12 looses connection with the 12 pro max.

Is there any way to direct 2 audio sources to 2 different outputs?

Maybe an app to do this?

Any help appreciated.


Do you need to stream music? Can’t you use a memory card with the Mach-e? Or put the tunes on the iPhone 12 and cable it to the head unit and use the iPhone 12 Pro for navigation?

Yeah I would prefer to stream music. I drive a lot of college kids and they like to mess with the Spotify songs, which I don’t mind.

I was also trying to just use 1 phone.

Yeah I don’t think you can do that but let me ask Mikah!


Is it legal to drive while wearing a set of airpods? I always thought that one ear had to always uncovered to be able to hear sirens/etc.


I always thought it was illegal but I see it all the time. I only have 1 ear pod in the other ear is open.

In Germany it is quasi legal. You can wear them, as long as the music or tones coming out of it are low enough to not block things like internal vehicle tones (indicator clicking), alarms etc. and external traffic noise - horns, warning signals, sirens etc.

If you are caught, it will be a 10€ fine.

Riding my bicycle to work, I can wear them over 1 ear, not both, although many ignore it here, in our small town - I’ve passed one police vehicle on my way to/from work so far this year, so the chances of getting caught would be relatively low.

Same here on the bike, just have one in for podcasts.

Remember once after a dog walk I got in the car and drove off, still had my buds in by mistake. They weren’t playing anything, but the noise cancelling was active and it was a very odd experience not hearing any engine noise at all. Realised pretty quick

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I am going to reach out to the guys who created audio hijack. That is the exact type of app I need. I am sure hijacking audio is a lot easier on the Mac than iOS but it’s worth a try.

I’d be too scared to ride a bike with airpods or headphones on. Yes, listening to my own tunes/podcasts would be great, but hearing the car that’s about to hit my @$$ is a much better option.

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It might not be illegal, but it’s certainly a terrible idea. Hope OP doesn’t end up doing this.

The OP was about his Uber customers in a car being able to stream music from his phone?

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Here is what I do…

My main phone is running the Uber driver app. It’s connected to one AirPod and the only audio is the turn by turn directions. (Old AirPods not the sound isolating ones)

The second phone is used to stream the music through CarPlay for the riders.

So I can hear everything going on in and out of the car.

Similar to the old Bluetooth earpieces we used in the early 2000s

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My bad, I should have quoted. I referring specifically to wearing earbuds while driving.

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