video doesn't play on Firefox + uBlock Origin

I’m using Firefox on macOS Catalina with uBlock Origin. Videos won’t play, just the 3/4 white circle spinning. Tried numerous shows. Not sure how long this has been going on, but nothing I’ve tried seem to work:

  • disabled uBlock on; no change.
  • set Firefox to Enhanced Tracking Protection to Standard; no change.
  • disabled Ffx ETP for; no change.
  • Video works fine in Safari v14.

Anyone have a recommendation?

Make sure that is not blocked.

Catalina, Firefox, Ublock Origin, no problem with the video.

Are you using an additional firewall or blocking like a PiHole @Saguaro?

Thanks @PDelahanty and @Leo for the suggestions! Neither seemed to help. The problem just “appeared” unexpectedly. Restarting Firefox also didn’t help, but a Safe Boot followed by normal boot fixed it.

I hate Catalina. After four months, Apple still cannot figure out why unattended Mac unlocks with Apple Watch (from the next room), but that’s another story… Don’t know if it’s to blame, but in absence of other causes I’ll think that it is.