TWIT 978: Baptized in Gatorade

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Regarding Google paying Apple $20 billion per year to be the default search engine: Google paid Apple $20 Billion to be default search engine in 2022

What I don’t see people outlining here is that this is a revenue sharing deal, not a flat payment. So that $20 billion is a percentage of what Google made on ads through searches done on the iPhone.

Furthermore, it was revealed by Google in the trial that the deal is actually 36% of advertising search revenue on iPhones going to Apple - Apple Gets 36% of Google Revenue From Search Deal, Witness Says - Bloomberg

For me this an important distinction because of Apple’s marketing on privacy; whereas here they are making direct revenue from targeted ad sales, even if it’s another company doing the targeting.


AI diagnostics for health is a discussion about tech. After a 30 year career trying to diagnose, often from memory, an AI assistant would have been invaluable. A calculator for an engineer type of thing.

I was deeply disappointed @Leo didn’t attempt a Yorkshire accent for the story about apostrophes. :wink:

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