TWIT 771: Ferment All the Things

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Would love the instructions for the Pineapple (fermented) drink Mike talked about!



A couple of thoughts here:

  1. The crew forgets that not everyone has an iPhone and yet the round table assumed that everyone has an Apple device. This is particulary untrue outside of the US.
  2. Most people that I work w/, talk to, etc. don’t want an always on type of device like glasses or something. I think the Tech Burger was spot on trying to tamper the enthusiasm that Mr. Elgin was displaying. Maybe he should get outside of the Tech Bubble and interact w/ “normals”

I for one think an AR type of Apple described here is a looong way from becoming popular and/or mainstream.

Change my mind

After hearing the uncertainty on the show about the pronunciation of “Giphy” I actually opened a support case with them and asked them. Erica from the Giphy Support Team sent me the following Gipphy, which I think pretty clearly shows how they feel their company name should be pronounced:

Just thought I’d share.


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PLEASE!! No politics. I don’t tune in to a tech “netcast” to hear 5 minutes of political commentary. Your show has so much tech value go with your strengths and stay in your lane. Love the show otherwise!!!