TWIT 967: I'll Be Your Shabbos Goy

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I have a different perspective on Threads compared to most of the panel.

When I was a kid, Mom would always have on CBS Evening News at 6:30 and Entertainment Tonight at 7. Evening News was usually pretty heavy, and ET was usually pretty light (unless there was a celebrity death).

I think Threads wants to be the ET of social networks, and that’s fine. I’d certainly prefer that to the doomscrolling of Twitter in years gone by.


Really wish I could push through my sensory overload to “um, like, you know” and be able to listen to what the younger generation has to say about technology.

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The amount of "like"s in this episode must have reached some kind of record. But I suppose everyone has their habit.

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I find it interesting that every Vision Pro conversation seems to only discuss two possible outcomes - it’s the next big thing or it’s going to flop. It’s entirely possible that it will do well but not take over - millions sold a year, hundreds of millions in revenue, thousand of apps released for it a year. It doesn’t need to replace the smartphone in order to succeed.


So this isn’t the first time I’ve heard about the light filters for the Vision Pro, and it’s gotten me to wondering: what is the typical total cost for someone who buys one of these things? $3499 is the base price, but how much are the Carl Zeiss lens for those who need them. Do people have to buy the light filters separately or are they included in the box?

I’d like to see a realistic cost for this thing beyond the listed base price.

There is a custom fit light filter in the box - have a look at Maikah’s unboxing, for example. You are measured in the store or through the iPhone App and the best fit version is delivered with the device, plus a “spare” for sharing with other people, AFAIK.

The Zeiss lenses cost $150 for your prescription strength, which is fairly cheap, my last pair of glasses cost 5 times that, by the time all the anti-glare coating etc. was added, although they are varifocals. If you can get away with “standard” reading lenses, you can get them for $99.

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Interesting. I thought I had seen somewhere where the Zeiss lens were around $500. That price is a lot more reasonable (reasonable being relative when compared to the cost of the device itself).

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Unrelated to anything, I have Paul Simon’s “Call Me Al” running through my head after reading the show title.

“I can be your shabbos goy, I can be your long lost pal…”

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