TWIT 958: Never Look a Gift Mouse in the Horse

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I’m glad my TV doesn’t have a camera or a microphone! But, without collusion with the manufacturers, the profiling company can’t get the information, unless users are installing “infected” apps on their TVs and other devices.

Luckily, as the panel said, the EU is a lot more critical, when it comes to privacy and such tactics would be illegal over here.

Regarding iMessage and Signal, I have donated around $50 this year and my wife, who has never paid for an app, got me to talk her through how to donate! I have an iPhone and I really don’t care who wins the iMessage/RCS spat, because it is largely irrelevant, outside the USA. I think I have 2 people with whom I message over iMessage, a relative in England who uses WhatsApp and a work colleague.