TWIT 778: In the Zoom Where It Happens

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Was too busy doing stuff around the house and watching after my son to watch the episode yet, but I love the thumbnail image and, after watching Hamilton with everyone else on the Internet, the title made me chuckle. Looking forward to watching the episode.

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Yeah, I watched Hamilton myself. TBH, I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it in the theater. While I will agree that artistically, it was well done, the music just isn’t my style. There were a couple of times I considered shutting it off, but I did want to at least say I watched it once.


The Zoom Where It Happens would be a hilarious parody (someone should get on it). I couldn’t watch Hamilton, I tried to start but all the camera movements bothered me (and it also felt odd that you couldn’t see the entire stage, they lost me when they showed that odd stage right shot during My Shots).

I’m sad that Google killed Focals 2.0 but am excited to see what Google will do with the technology.

Also, Update I decided to continue watching it and the odd camera movements were really only in the first 10 or 15 minutes.

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I’m glad Leo mentioned the PWA angle with respect to Apple’s refusal to support the new APIs. But, I think focusing on the positive privacy angle misses another, less positive aspect. This sounds like Apple’s depreciation (deprecating a standard that is still forming?) PWAs. Although Apple (rightly) touts the fact that these APIs could be used to fingerprint users, it fails to mention that all of the capabilities those APIs represent ARE available to iOS native apps. I think that underling this is Apples desire to retain control over its app ecosystem, and strangle the emerging PWA standard.


When the conversation turned to microdosing and psychedelics, I thought I had inadvertently switched over to Joe Rogen’s podcast… He can’t do a show without talking about that. :yin_yang:

As usual takes about ten minutes into the show to actually talk about tech, Then the whole episode is broken up by sidelines into totally unrelated subjects like barbeques,health,politicsand their personal life.Very inconsiderate the point of a podcasts is that the listener can choose what they would like to listen to. The show should be called Tech interspersed with inane banter. Worse they even recognise when they go off track and then laugh about it. Come on get your act together. The car guy manages to use the phrase “you know” about 5-10 times a minute.No I don’t know that is why I am listening he should not be in media until he learns how to say complete sentences.The actual tech parts are informative but are only a portion of the show.

As much as I respect Apple for their stance on privacy, they really need to be careful not to annoy people with constant warnings about what apps are doing with users information.

Apparently you don’t understand the point of podcasts. If you just want a news report, you can go read a tech site or two and be up to date in a few minutes a day. The point of a podcast IS the hosts… and the relationship you feel like you build with them… to the point where you feel like you can relate to their lives enough to trust their opinions on things. Just like in radio, it’s all about personality… otherwise you would just use a playlist. You’re tuning in to hear what the host chooses to play and say…


I listen to a lot of podcasts including the BBC who have been broadcasting for over 70 years and they have tech shows where the hosts don’t act like those on This Week in Tech. The personality part is only relevant in as much as how they find a product or service.

Well I hope you’ll find all the boring clinical detachment your heart desires within them. Many of us here enjoy what we’ve found in the TWiT podcasts and we don’t want them to become boring newscasts.


Boring is just what it sounded like to me too. LOL :rofl:


I thought the first half of Hamilton was crap - then the second half was pretty good - all in all MEH

Sam. Don’t get me started on waiters.

In some states, they are underpaid. In some areas like where I live, they are way overpaid. $15 + tip (I hate the idea of tips like no one else in existence)

I value their service as zero. I am perfectly able to fill my glass and get my order from the counter. I don’t need to pay a $20 surcharge on this every family outing.

Hamilton is 3 freakin’ hours. I have ADHD. NOTHING. AND I MEAN NOTHING that long is worth watching.

Not having seen. Hamilton, I totally missed the reference. I’ve. only heard. the phrase. from. John Bolton’s. book, so I was very confused over the title. :smile:

Silly MacBook putting. spurious periods. everywhere now.

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it automatically puts a period. in if you. press the spacebar twice. and also, The Room Where It Happens from Hamilton (on YouTube)


That explains it. The spacebar is sticking a lot lately, so I’m pressing it hard when I type. I would take it in to the Apple Store (again) if it weren’t for the virus. They replaced this keyboard a year or two ago. I have another Mac I can use.

Thanks for the link. I actually had looked it up when I realized I was missing a well-known reference. I look forward to seeing the movie or the show. We used to go to a lot of broadway shows in the Kravitz Center here in West Palm Beach back in the before times.

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This was a great show had me laughing and throughly engaged. Shira and Leo’s banter going down the rabbit holes made the show


Haha forgot about this post. I would watch the view but no Leo so no dice

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