TWIT 953: Deadly Competent

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Since when are teenage boys “brain dead” and don’t have a frontal lobe?

The things that were being discussed would never have been acceptable when I was a teenager and being an adolescent would not have been a valid excuse. It is morally wrong and, certainly when I was at school, we knew what was right and wrong. We might have gone up to the line, but we never went over it.

It is like a video series I was watching by “Wanted Adventure” on YouTube a few years back, where Dana was doing interviews with women who were recounting the pressures of growing up a young woman in America. Many of them went on about the pressure they were put under by teenage boys, and young men, who put pressure on them, because of “blue balls”, that the women hat (unknowingly) made them horny and they had better now do something about it!

It was a new phenomenen to me, after, at the time, around 50 years of being a male and often having been frustrated. It sounded absoluterly disgusting that they would even try something like that, hoping on the naivety of the young girls they were “dating”. Anyone with even an ounce of self-respect, let alone respect for their “partner” would never stoop so low.

Why do teenage boys get a pass on this sort of thing, it is always just put down to, “well, boys will be boys, after all.” :puke:

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