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With regard to policitcal advertising, I like the German and French methods.

In Germany, there is a fixed amount that can be spent in the election campaign for each party (2 digit millions) and you can only advertise in the month running up to the election.

The French ban all political advertising in the 24 hours before the election.

On top of this, in most of Europe, all advertising, not just political advertising, cannot disparage your competitors, you can only promote what is good about your party/product, not what is bad about other people or their products.

E.g. “We are the progress party,” is fine. “Party X are stuck in the muds that want to drag us back into the dark ages,” is not allowed.

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I saw some Footage from Burning Man, it doesn’t look like it was too bad, compared to Wackum last month, there it was knee deep and the army was called in to lay down bridges over the mud to allow people to get from the campsite to the stages and the farmers were towing the vehicles into the car park this year, usually they only need to tow them out afterwards.

Not sure how autonomous vehicles behave around emergency vehicles can be fixed, unless there’s some communication between them.

When I drive I can see blue lights a mile behind me. We adjust our position to create a clear lane for them to pass. An autonomous car will see them late as it must be within its sensors’ range.

It’s also not straightforward how you respond. In theory, you shouldn’t break the law. Some people here get tickets for driving through a red light or into a bus lane to let an ambulance through. But in a life-or-death situation, you do what’s needed. In the autonomous car, the computer will say no. Sometimes you maintain your speed because it’s better if the emergency vehicle keeps moving, sometimes you pull over. Every scenario is different. How will they code that?