TWIT 900: The Pies Have It

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What are your thoughts about today’s show? We’d love to hear from you!

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I still wish there would have been a way to incorporate “Teletubbies” into the title…

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Wonder if Christina Warren wakes up in the morning redlining her tachometer. I always pause the recorded show just to catch my breath when she is a guest.

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This was easily one of the best “X-hundred” episodes ever. Absolutely loved this show!


For computer nerds, it’s all about the mod() function returning 0. :wink:


As a long time TWIT listener, I can’t say that I was a big fan of this week’s show. As was described in the subtitle, the show was a full takeover of the traditional format by the Rocket team, and the show was very different than what I usually listen for.

That said, my reaction to this week’s show got me thinking about ways that certain guests shape TWiT’s discussion every week, because I generally enjoy the weeks when Christina OR Brianna are on the panel with a different group of people. I know that there are discussions on different contributors to TWiT, but has anyone ever created any kind of typology of the guests and their impact on the show? is there a thread on impacts of having different panelists on that discusses this more?


I and our producers pay a lot of attention to the mix of panelists. It’s like a recipe. We try to mix substance with fun and energy into every show and we’ve pretty much got an idea of what each panelist will bring.

Having said that, I knew the Rocket crew would take us somewhere different, but I also think that’s important to do once in a while. I don’t want to let TWiT become a droning voice in the background!

Next week we’ll be back on format, I promise!

And thanks for listening and your comments. I do appreciate hearing from you!!


Wow — I wasn’t expecting a reply to this comment, especially from Leo! I appreciate that explanation, and know that your team puts a lot of thought into who you bring on, which is why I’ve been a long time fan of the show, and will continue to be (along with being a Twit+ member).

My comments & question were intended to spur a bigger conversation on how others see the guests of TWiT affecting the discussions each week. I’ve paid attention to how they do, and I was wondering if anyone else had considered this question as well.

Thanks again!

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I thought I had downloaded “The View.”

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The episode was a departure from the typical format, but the ladies of Rocket are pretty da*n good technologists in their own right. They are incisive, smart, and funny, and the scope of their knowledge is not a question. What a unique way to celebrate 900 episodes of the flagship technology podcast. Thank you @Leo for having them as guests.


I didn’t mind the Rocket takeover, although I think Christina has a hard time reigning herself in to not dominate the conversation. I did, however, find the “special quiz event” while initially amusing, wore on and quickly I couldn’t wait for it to end. I really think it should have been excerpted out to a special extra, or put at the end, or something like that.


The Rocket takeover brought a great discussion with it and the quiz was fun, but not something I’d like to see every week, for a round number celebration a hoot though. I wish they’d spent more time discussing the weeks events, even if they showed up @Leo’s IT knowledge in the quiz! :smiley:

I could easily have listened to an extra hour of news discussion. The Club TWiT extra on social networks was a brilliant example of their knowledge and fun attitudes.


Likely because she was in-studio rather than remote plus she comes across as someone who runs 90mph all day long. I have a granddaughter like that … she talks faster than I can hear.

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Just listened to the show great work! Brianna truly makes this episode better. Her insights and humor add to the conversation. Making it a more enjoyable listening experience

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