TWIT 843: A Liar Who Delivers

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Great show, team! Really liked the panel and particularly Denise Howell. Thoroughly knowledgable and at the same time so wonderfully down to earth - it’s just a pleasure to follow. However, that goes for the entire panel, tbh. It would be great to get Denise back as a (co-)host for a show… TWIG is often strolling into the law domain that this might be an idea? But I know that this is also a tried and well-running team…

I had something to nitpick and wisecrack about but it was so extremely important that I forgot about it and also could not find it scrolling through the webcast. It was great to come by some ads, though. … so that’s how you spell “Thinkst Canary”! :smiley:


Absolutely agree - Denise Howell always improves any discussion simply by being on the panel. I would love to have her and Amy Webb together on the same panel at some point - I think their areas of knowledge would make for some fun and interesting discussions.


I was watching The Long Way Up on Apple TV+ last month and thinking what a great company Rivian seems to be and hoping they finally got their prototypes through to production.

Not only rushing their 2 prototypes out the door for Ewan McGregor’s and Charlie Boorman’s trip from the tip of Argentina to LA, but also putting in the charging stations they would need along the way.

The same for Harley Davidson, they took their prototype road bike and built 2 off road capable prototypes in just a few months.

Both pairs of vehicles made it all the way (Ewan’s battery did get a firmware update that killed it and they had to replace the whole unit but apart from that, they were very reliable). The cold weather at the start of the trip was a trial, as it was actually too cold to recharge the bikes at times, they had to take them into the hotel with them!

I’ve done that in the past as well. I did an advanced riding course with my brother and, with the instructor, we turned up at the hotel and they had assured me, in the reservation, that they had covered, secure parking for the bikes. Turned out that wasn’t exactly true, but the manager apologised and told us to wheel the bikes into their (carpeted) conference room!


“A bullsh—er who delivers” is a great line. I feel the same way about Apple. They spout all this gross marketing mumbo jumbo all the time, but then I’ll be darned if they don’t back it up just enough to keep the faithful believing. Case in point— when Apple compared the new A15 to “the competition” rather than the A14, the more clear-eyed pundits took note, opining that perhaps this was because the improvements weren’t that good after all. But then you hear Rene’s description of “transistor budgets” and you read this week’s review at Anandtech and you have to once again tip your hat to the Cupertino engineers.