TWIT 823: My Sequel Injection

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Last year Tim Dodd (Everyday Astronaut) published a really in depth video on how much rockets pollute.


Soooo… what are we going to do about the weaponized misinformation that these social media platforms don’t want to regulate. We turned our entire lives upside down after 9/11 and for a brief time after COVID. Yet it looks like we only have the stomach for a bit of light-touch self-regulation when it comes to Big Algorithm.

I suppose it will get treated much like the stock market “reforms” after the 2008 crash?

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To say “all human activities are bad” and then have a rant about anything that springs to mind (rockets, lithium extraction) came over as ill informed and childish. These things are important and the future of transport, accessible communication in rural areas, and lower cost space systems are matters that deserve a more thoughtful discussion or at least a few balancing opinions.
I love a good rant as much as the next person and it can make good podcast content, but a one sided rant needs to be tempered with humour and an acknowledgement that it may well be the product of a misinformed brainstorm.

I took it as more as trying to say one thing (fossil fuels) was definitely worse than another thing (lithium extraction) in response to the praising “green tech”

Since you entered into the discussion on threats to investigative journalists, I wanted to alert you to a wonderful documentary on the team who contributed to publishing the Panama Papers. They were in the midst of covering the aftermath of Panama papers on Malta, where one journalist involved was assassinated. During the 90 minute documentation where the documentary team follow the journalists’ work and another big scandal (by European standards - Austria’s vice chancellor of the time caught on tape allegedly selling favours) blows up around them. It’s a pretty intense documentation on a pretty intense line of work. Sadly, it’s in German (English subtitles) only. And it’s behind a paywall - which I don’t consider “sadly”, but good. It’s an entry to a short film festival. Might be something for Jeff Jarvis, even though he may have heard about it. Well produced, too. Certainly put some awe into me on the work of investigative journalists. If you’re remotely interested, don’t mind chipping in 6 EUR, and reading subtitles it’s worth looking at.