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I agree with Jason about cross site tracking. I think that these days Facebook could collect most of that data from interactions just through Facebook.

It bugs me how no alternative to Facebook exists. You might find services claming to be alternatives if you go and search but none of them do ALL of what Facebook does in terms of letting you chat with individuals and groups, post events and photos, and stream video.
I know that all I really need is chat but WhatsApp is still Facebook and I can’t tell my friends to go use Telegram or Signal because at least half of them are blind, and there are important parts of the both apps that aren’t accessible to VoiceOver
I completely disagree with Georgia about Facebook charging for privacy since many sites pretty much use that model of requiring you to “upgrade” if you wish to remove ads. We did have a “paid” version of Twitter, i.e., but that never took off so I think having a “free” service might just be the better model… at least from a business perspective

The problem with an alternative to Facebook is that for anything to be considered successful in the books it’s metrics must match or rival facebook in people’s eyes. Until we get away from metric value of success we can’t start really saying there is an alternative to Facebook. Take for instance, Parler it has a news feed style feed, and is popular amongst conservatives. However, most conservatives are still on facebook and haven’t switched there so numerically Parler isn’t there yet.

Yes, I use different services to get what I want. Facebook and all of its sub-companies are blocked at DNS level (over 2,500 domains last time I counted). I used to have to Facebook at work, as my boss put me in charge of social media. I only used the account to access our corporate presence. I don’t like Facebook and I certainly don’t trust them to have any information about me.

That is, unfortunately how it works. The companies need to get revenue from somewhere, if you aren’t paying yourself, you (or rather your data) is being exploited to generate revenue. I wish we could go back to the old days, where the site was targeted and not the visitor. The advertisers don’t need to know anything about me, they just need to know about the site I am visiting.

I use paid-for services for most things I do and if I can’t currently afford a service, I don’t use it.