Facebook has got to go!

Everyday I’m hearing new things that Facebook is doing that really isn’t kosher It seems like Facebook is just disseminating misinformation over and over again knowingly for profit!

Please post your thoughts!


I’m so amazed that this thing (facebook) still so popular. Other site practically disappeared for lot less.

You would think that people would leave on theirs own. Sad that it might have to be legislation.

Also it shows that even in 2019 people are so ignorant with computers, come on people personal computers where available 40 years ago, it’s not new tech anymore.


I dropped Facebook about 6 years ago. However I worry that my family members still post information about me on the platform. All very innocent (happy birthday) or (I hope you enjoy your trip to…) still giving up data to them about me!

My mother took a stupid quiz on ‘how much do you know about you children’, it asked questions like ‘what was the name of your childs first pet?’ Date of birth. Etc.

I was shocked by this, these are types of questions that you use for security!

I have spoken to my mother about this and she does not understand what she did. She thinks it was just a Facebook quiz and does not think that Facebook would use that data for anything other than proving to her that she knows me.

I suspect other users on this forum can also tell stories about Facebook horrors. I would love to hear about them.


I have not updated my Facebook page in along, long time. I only keep my account because I keep up with some hockey groups. Otherwise, I would delete it. But, I have been tempted to close it down several times…

I did delete my Twitter Acct and my Instagram Acct.


I’ve tried to dump Facebook a dozen or more times. Yet, it has info on it that is very helpful. During power outages, our power company keeps us informed on FB. Every time I want some info on a business, it’s on FB. Believe it or not, I’m more tech savvy than most of my friends who are my age, and they are on FB because even they can figure out how to navigate it. So, it keeps us in touch. If I post stuff, I keep it up there for a while, then take it down. My page currently has 5 or 6 posts. I just tread carefully.


Yup, we got stuck because family/friends are still there and for invite and stuff you still need to be there.

I guess once you get a critical mass of users your invincible.


I don’t use FB. I dropped my account a few yrs ago as it wasn’t providing any fruit for my small business. Nor did I have any meaningful engagement. My family members on there only shared a bunch of mindless stuff that I didn’t particularly care for. Not to mention, all of the political vomit I kept seeing. I like to keep my energy and environment as cloudless as possible. No need in logging in and consuming negative energy. Just don’t log in. #mytwocents


As Leo has mentioned, some folks use Facebook as their only way to connect with family, etc. I fall in to that category…old military buddies. If I don’t have their phone number I know I can get ahold of them thru Facebook.

The groups aspect of Facebook is also beneficial to me, because much like these forums they are focused discussions, not just random postings. I rarely look at my timeline.

I only visit Facebook in locked down Brave…it’s the only thing I use Brave for. Safari all else. My thoughts are that I am ‘sandboxing’ Facebook.


Along those lines, I actually “follow” very few of the people who friend me on Facebook. Their political stuff is off-putting, and yes, negative. So I follow the people who bring me joy, and the pages that bring me information and are entertaining to me. Curation is my key to surviving FB.


The power of the network effect.
Eventually it will get supplanted, but between Whatsapp, Instagram, Oculus, and other subsidiaries it make take a while for the mothership* itself to go down.

*Where’s Jeff Goldblum when you need him?


I use FB sparingly just to see what friends & family are up to (my fam are all thousands of miles away, so it’s my only contact with them), and it’s necessary for my work. I’ll receive a low quality copy of an advertiser’s logo, and rather than go through the useless back & forth process of getting a better version, I find higher quality versions online, often on Facebook.


I quote the Esquire article to people, and I have no reason to believe that Zuckerberg has grown all that much more mature since he was the 19 year old who called his users “Dumb f***s”


I’ve dropped Facebook about 6 months ago and only use it for business projects currently. To me I didn’t get any benefit from it and the only reason I still have it is because of the family situation. It’s unfortunate to be so ingrained that I did try unsuccessfully to move some people away from it.

I tried that family tactic. Then figured I’d actually try calling them from time to time. (I hate the telephone, but figured they’re worth it.) That eventually turned into a one-sided effort. They’d post stuff on facebook, I’d call to discuss/congratulate/etc within minutes of the post and they wouldn’t answer the phone. I’d text to say “i tried to call” and get no response. So I just stayed in my lane. Then I noticed none of my family or so-called friends even considered a “like” or comment on anything I shared. So did a test a few weeks. I would post something where I was complaining about an issue or life in general. Or I’d post some random video I found of people fighting in the ‘hood. Or, I’d post I need a lil’ more cash to pay xyz bill.
The results blew me away as those types of post gained 1000% more engagement. Someone always had a response about the post or clicked the “like.”

“That video is hilarious! He got knocked out!”
“You’re in computers, you’ll be ok with money. Just keep looking for a better job.”
“It’s Trump’s fault!”
“It’s Barack’s fault!”

Seriously, it fascinated me. I always gave kudos to those on that platform that had fruitful communication and interaction from family and friends. My family beyond my Momz, sister and nephew are pretty much the only ones I have a connection with these days. It’s not one-sided. Fortunately it goes beyond Facebook to sms or an occasional phone call (none of us like talking on the phone by nature :laughing: )

Loving this thread and the remarks everyone have shared.


That’s what I use FB for…

We need to boycott the Facebook network until it stops disseminating propaganda for profit, and actually do something of value other than stealing our private and personal data and selling to the highest bidder. Nothing will change until we make it happen! Come on people time for action, tell me what you have done to make a difference.


One thing about Facebook that you guys might not realize is that it is available worldwide, and in other parts of the world, especially here in Asia, not many people know, or care about, or care to know what Mark Zuckerberg is doing with Facebook. I call it conveniently ignorant and indifferent to the whole thing of how Facebook manipulate and use their data to earn big bucks from advertising.
I have to use Facebook because that’s where everyone is on, and my workplace wants me to have a work profile on it. It sucks!
Most people rely on the big 3: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for everything they do online.
The tool of choice for communication for many businesses is WhatsApp. Many even run and promote their businesses on Facebook because of the reach it has.
So even if some of us disconnect ourselves from it, it hardly makes a dent on its profit, or affect its operation.


Hi Ant.

Yip. That is what I think as well. Going clean is not as hard as some think it is.


I’m always suspicious of that. “We want to have a source of blackmail material if we decide we want to fire you.”


I did not even have Facebook until I got divorced. I created an account before I got into the dating world because single women think you are strange if you do not have one :stuck_out_tongue:

Then, I later discovered some of the groups on there…